[Ltb-users] ssp and ppolicy

Clément OUDOT clement.oudot at savoirfairelinux.com
Fri Sep 1 16:17:25 CEST 2017

Le 01/09/2017 à 16:02, Sebastian Perkins - Hoist Group - Switzerland a 
écrit :
> Le 01/09/2017 à 14:45, Sebastian Perkins - Hoist Group - Switzerland a 
> écrit :
> >>If you use a blanck entry as binddn, you will not be able to use reset 
> features (mail/questions/sms) as in this case the old password of the 
> user is not known.
> Silly me of course I simply cannot bind without the working pass :D
> Some updates on the test I am performing :
> ·ldapS is used with root dn bind
> ·no salt, no hash ssp side to let the ldap server encode the pass 
> itself (in order to key the pwdHistory entries identical)
> Works fine from the classic “change” gui interface  ! (ppolicy returns 
> the generic error message)
> However our preferred token via mail option seems to bypasses the 
> tests on policy (but updates the hashes with an identical one)…  and 
> no “current pas” email, (which makes sense for a reset), but still 
> bypasses…
> I am using the stock debian Jessie package
> dpkg --list | grep self
> ii self-service-password 1.0-2                              
> all          LDAP password change web interface
> My understanding is that the reset token via mail – as it has no 
> current password – binds with the root dn instead of the user dn and 
> therefore bypasses ppolicy ?

Indeed, as we don't have user old password, the configured binddn is 
used to change the password. If you set the rootdn, it will bypass the 

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