[Ltb-users] self service password documentation

Ludwin Janvier lud.janvier at gmail.com
Tue Nov 15 14:08:20 CET 2016


I just installed self service password successfully on centos 7, but the 
documentation on the website didn't help. I'd like to suggest some 
improvements in the doc and in the package system. (I didn't fill a bug, 
since the website is not a project).

The generic baseurl for the yum repo is :

which, on a centos 7, leads to

which does not contain ssp package. The ssp package is in this repo:

So I suggest you either modify the doc to configure your 2 repos 
(ltb-project-x86_64 and ltb-project-noarch), or put your noarch package 
in your x86_64 repo. The 2nd solution is what is usually done.

The apache configuration did not work out of the box neither. Your 
documentroot is in /usr and default centos 7 apache configuration does 
not permit documentroot outside /var/www.
I'd suggest you add this "directory" directive:

<Directory "/usr/share/self-service-password">
     AllowOverride None
     # Allow open access:
     Require all granted

This lines are valid for apache 2.4 and above (centos/redhat 7) and may 
not work with apache 2.2 (6). If you want the same file, maybe you could 
just create a symlink.

(you could drop the NameVirtualHost line because it has no effect on 
apache = 2.4, and "will be removed in the next release")

Thank you very much for your great product!


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