[Ltb-users] should mail lists come from lists or mail dot ltb-project.org

kc atgb kisscoolandthegangbang at hotmail.fr
Thu Dec 8 17:34:52 CET 2016

>> Hello,
>> I wonder which one is correct.
>> When I send a message to mailling list I send it to @lists.ltb-project.org
>> but receive notices from @mail.ltb-project.org.
>> Is it normal ?
>No, I don't think so, I don't see mail.ltb-project.orgin any header.
>The correct list address is ltb-users at lists.ltb-project.org

Yes this is the address I use each time I post a message here. I discovred that hostname lists.ltb-project.org is an alias for mail.ltb-project.org but don't know yet how it is possible that mails come from the second.

One more thing, I received the initial message I posted to the list but I don't received your answer. I had to take a look at mail archive to see it.

I don't understand what's going on and that makes me crazy.
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