[Ltb-users] Compiling overlay sha2 with ltb openldap source

Richard Mixon rnmixon at custco.biz
Sat Jan 11 17:18:37 CET 2014

I've been given a requirement to be able to use SSHA256 for password
storage in our openldap implementation project.

It does not look like this overlay is included in the LTB rpm's (at least
for CENTOS 6 x64):

I was able to figure out how to compile this module using the
openldap-2.4.38.tgz download from openldap.org, but no luck figuring out
how to do this with the ltb version of openldap-2.4.28.

I know there's a way to re-build the RPM using the source RPM download. Can
someone give me bit more guidance other than the generic articles on "how
to rebuild an RPM from RPM source" I find out there?

Also if there is another way to achieve my objective of SSHA256 passwords
with multiple iterations I would appreciate hearing about that. I'm pretty
new to this but it is looking like I will need to write custom
authentication modules/reals for the PHP and Java applications that need to
authenticate through openldap.

Thank you - Richard

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