[Ltb-users] using the lastbind overlay

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Wed Sep 18 21:49:31 CEST 2013

2013/9/18 Brian Gold <bgold at simons-rock.edu>

> Hi all,****
> ** **
> Utilizing the Centos/Redhad ltp-project RPMs, I’ve successfully built a
> pair of openldap servers that are syncing both my bdb and my cn=config
> using the syncprov overlay. Now, I’m attempting to add in the ltb lastbind
> package. I’ve got it installed, and I think I’m adding it to openldap
> correctly, but I’m not getting authtimestamp added to any of my accounts
> after successful binds.****
> ** **
> I’m using cn=config rather than slapd.conf for these servers. I tried both
> adding an olcModuleLoad=lastbind.la to my existing cn=module, as well as
> creating a second cn=module with its own olcModulePath (since my primary
> one already had syncprov.la in it). I’ve added an olcOverlay=lastbind to
> my olcDatabase=bdb.****
> ** **
> I’m not seeing any errors in my debug output. Is there something I’m
> missing in regards to this setup?****
> **

Hi Brian,

first, it is strange that you have a syncprov.la as in LTB project
packages, core overlays are complied into slapd, not shipped as modules.

Contributed overlays like lastbind are modules, so you have to configure
(as you seem to have done) the modulepath and moduleload correctly.

Then, authtimestamp is an operational attribute, you need to read
operational attributes to see it, have you done that?


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