[Ltb-users] using the lastbind overlay

Brian Gold bgold at simons-rock.edu
Wed Sep 18 17:28:24 CEST 2013

Hi all,


Utilizing the Centos/Redhad ltp-project RPMs, I've successfully built a pair
of openldap servers that are syncing both my bdb and my cn=config using the
syncprov overlay. Now, I'm attempting to add in the ltb lastbind package.
I've got it installed, and I think I'm adding it to openldap correctly, but
I'm not getting authtimestamp added to any of my accounts after successful


I'm using cn=config rather than slapd.conf for these servers. I tried both
adding an olcModuleLoad=lastbind.la to my existing cn=module, as well as
creating a second cn=module with its own olcModulePath (since my primary one
already had syncprov.la in it). I've added an olcOverlay=lastbind to my


I'm not seeing any errors in my debug output. Is there something I'm missing
in regards to this setup?




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