[Ltb-users] SASL Delegation Configuration

Clément OUDOT clem.oudot at gmail.com
Wed Nov 28 09:19:01 CET 2012

2012/11/27 Daniel P. Morse <dan at dpmtech.com>:
> Clément,
> After finding your SASL delegation article (http://ltb-project.org/wiki/documentation/general/sasl_delegation), I have been trying to configure SASL against multiple domains (Active Directory) via OpenLDAP.  After getting the first examples working correctly, I am struggling to get the configuration for several LDAP directories - with OpenLDAP ldap backend working.  This is the configuration that I need to implement.  After searching the internet for several days, I was hoping that you could potentially provide some direction as I am lost right now.
> Interestingly, the error message in /var/log/messages show service=imap when testing with testsaslauthd; however, I expect that it should be service=ldap.  Below is the complete error message:
> Nov 27 15:21:36 pabeldapd01 saslauthd[18311]: do_auth         : auth failure: [user=user1] [service=imap] [realm=] [mech=ldap] [reason=Unknown]
> Any suggestions?  I can provide the conf files if that will help.
> Your article is very helpful.  I am likely missing something simple as this is my first time working with SASL so I would greatly appreciate any assistance.
> Thanks,
> Dan
> Some notes:
> 1) In ./etc/sysconfig/saslauthd, mech=ldap.
> 2) # saslauthd -vsaslauthd 2.1.22authentication mechanisms: getpwent kerberos5 pam rimap shadow ldap

Hi Daniel,

you should post such question on the mailing list.

You should check your saslauthd configuration with testsaslauthd
command, and monitor OpenLDAP log to see how LDAP requests are done.


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