[Ltb-users] LDAP Directory's accessing problem in Active Directory

Luis Armando Roca Fumero lroca at uclv.edu.cu
Fri Jun 8 17:14:26 CEST 2012

Hello Clément:

I hope I'm not bothering to much.
With the configuration of ldap.conf file.
1-  Only with:                 TLS_REQCERT     never

This configuration disable server certificate checking, so Active Directory needs SSL for change user's passwords.
My ldap.conf file does not indicate the path of "ca.crt" certificate. So how the certificates are exchanged between the client (ubuntu) and Active Directory?
How the client(ubuntu) obtains the certificate, if I have not provide the path to gets the certificate? Active directory requires SSL to change the password, this is undeniable.

I will make an installation guide from scratch to achieve change passwords in Active Directory. I will put a bit of information that you provide me to other people. Next week I'm going to send you the guide, if you want it.
Luis Armando

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