[Ltb-users] Ppolicy issue.

Evo emitev at voxeo.com
Thu Nov 12 15:54:55 CET 2009


I am sorry if this is a silly question but I can not get the ppolicy to
work. I installed the rpms (2.4.19) distributed on your website.
Configured openLDAP and it all works fine with the exception of the ppolicy.

In the slapd.conf file is listed:

modulepath    /usr/local/openldap/libexec/openldap

But the rpm did not create such direstory. I made a global search for
Œppolicy.la¹ but this file was not installed byt the rpms either. I do not
know if this is the problem but my

Entry in the slapd.conf
overlay ppolicy
ppolicy_default cn=default,ou=pwpolicies,dc=voxeo,dc=net

And the DIT entry:

dn: cn=default,ou=pwpolicies,dc=voxeo,dc=net
objectClass: top
objectClass: pwdPolicy
objectClass: device
objectClass: pwdPolicyChecker
cn: default
pwdCheckModule: check_password.so
pwdAttribute: userPassword
pwdMaxAge: 7776000
pwdInHistory: 4
pwdCheckQuality: 2
pwdMinLength: 8
pwdExpireWarning: 1209600
pwdGraceAuthNLimit: 1
pwdLockout: TRUE
pwdLockoutDuration: 1800
pwdMaxFailure: 5
pwdMustChange: TRUE

Do not do anything.

Can you help?

Regards Evo.
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