[ltb-dev] [LDAP Tool Box - Bug #776] (New) self-service-password may fail to detect a samba account

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Wed Jun 10 17:19:58 CEST 2015

Issue #776 has been reported by Frank Wall.

Bug #776: self-service-password may fail to detect a samba account

Author: Frank Wall
Status: New
Priority: Normal
Assigned to: 
Category: Self Service Password
Target version: 

Depending on the tool you're using to create your LDAP Samba Accounts, you end up with different combinations of upper-/lowercase for the attribute value:

objectClass: sambaSAMAccount
  - OR -
objectClass: sambaSamAccount

Currently SSP does only check for sambaSamAccount. If the second variant sambaSAMAccount is set in LDAP, the $samba_mode will be (silently) set to false. This will result in an inconsistent user state: the userPassword will be changed, but sambaNTPassword will be ignored.

These two variants of sambaSAMAccount seem to be a rather common issue according to Google. So I suggest to support both variants. You'll find a patch attached.

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