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Issue #349 has been updated by Clément OUDOT.

Status changed from Closed to Rejected
Assigned to set to Clément OUDOT
Target version deleted (openldap-rpm-2.4.27)
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Bug #349: Syncrepl provider not working with v2.4.26

Author: Nick Milas
Status: Rejected
Priority: Normal
Assigned to: Clément OUDOT
Category: OpenLDAP RPM
Target version: 


I have tried to migrate my current 2.4.22 to LTB 2.4.26 (as an RPM). This is a syncrepl provider server. 

However, while everything works fine, syncrepl provider doesn't seem to work. All consumers do not receive data from the provider.

Here is my configuration: 

overlay syncprov
syncprov-checkpoint 100 10
syncprov-sessionlog 100

Do I need a special module to be loaded? On consumers (using LTB) I don't use any additional module. The above configuration works fine with my 2.4.22 (with syncprov.la module), but no additional module was needed in LTB-based consumers.

Please advise.


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