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Issue #295 has been updated by Thomas Chemineau.

% Done changed from 0 to 50

The first problem is fixed in revision 153.
I added a configuration parameter into the script to specify the ldap search scope.
Feature #295: checkLdapPwdExpiration.sh / minor issues

Author: Benjamin Griese
Status: Assigned
Priority: Low
Assigned to: Thomas Chemineau
Category: LDAP Scripts
Target version: ldap-scripts-0.4

while trying to get the expiration mails working I felt into some trouble getting users from my DIT for the below small issues:

searching for users didn't work for me, because my ou's are further branched in sub ou's:
@${MY_LDAP_SEARCHBIN} ${ldap_param} -s -one- -b "${MY_LDAP_SEARCHBASE}" \@

I simply fixed that by using sub instead of one:
@${MY_LDAP_SEARCHBIN} ${ldap_param} -s *sub* -b "${MY_LDAP_SEARCHBASE}" \@

The next problem was the different behaviour/syntax of cut on my system than expected in your script in below lines.
The problem was the character extraction at the beginning by character number 0:
@pwdChangedTime=`grep -w "pwdChangedTime:" ${buffer_file} | cut -d : -f 2 | cut -c 0-15 | sed "s/^ *//;s/ *$//"`@


@y=`echo ${pwdChangedTime} | cut -c 0-4`@

fixed by beginning at 1
@pwdChangedTime=`grep -w "pwdChangedTime:" ${buffer_file} | cut -d : -f 2 | cut -c 1-15 | sed "s/^ *//;s/ *$//"`@


@y=`echo ${pwdChangedTime} | cut -c 1-4`@

Maybe the problem only appears with my version of the coreutils where cut belongs to.

Thanks for your great work anyway. :)

My System: 
Stock OpenLDAP 2.4.20
coreutils-6.12-32.17 (provides /usr/bin/cut)

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