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Wed Mar 2 10:18:53 CET 2011

Issue #303 has been updated by Clément Oudot.

Jonathan Clarke wrote:
> Clément Oudot wrote:
> > Jonathan Clarke wrote:
> > > Clément Oudot wrote:
> > > > The debug level can be set with DEBUG_LEVEL in configuration file. Default value is 256.
> > > 
> > > 256 is "stats". May I suggest setting the default to "config" instead? IMO, this would be much more useful, as most problems I have starting slapd are a config problem (error in schema file, non accessible DB directory, etc).
> > 
> > I think configuration problems are always displayed when you start OpenLDAP with a debug level. I like to have the "stats" level as debug level, to directly monitor operations on the directory.
> > 
> > Maybe we could add another parameter in the command line for the debug level? This can be another feature request.
> Or simply set the default value to "stats config" (or 384, in the deprecated decimal notation), that way we have both :)
> In most cases I've seen, the config errors are certainly *not* displayed (one exception is "File not found" errors for schema files). For example, I commented the line "moduleload back_hdb.so" and restarted OpenLDAP, to this effect:
> [...]

But what if you comment the line and then launch service slapd debug, with loglevel stats only?

Feature #303: service slapd debug

Author: Clément Oudot
Status: Closed
Priority: Low
Assigned to: Clément Oudot
Category: OpenLDAP init script
Target version: openldap-initscript-1.2

We could have a 'service slapd debug' which will stop slapd and start if with -d -1 option, so that we have the full debug in console output

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