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New Revision: http://ltb-project.org/documentation/white-pages/0.3/config_directory
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@@ -17,20 +17,23 @@
  List which items are shown in result table:
  <file php>
  $directory_items = array('firstname', 'lastname', 'mail', 'organization');
+ $directory_group_items = array('fullname', 'description');
  List which items are clickable in result table (can also be a boolean value):
  <file php>// Other possible values :
  // true if you want the whole row clickable ; 
  // false do the same and hide the button in the first column.
  $directory_linkto = array('firstname', 'lastname');
+ $directory_group_linkto = array('fullname');
  Set on which item results are sorted: 
  <file php>
  $directory_sortby = "lastname";
+ $directory_group_sortby = "fullname";
  Display or not undefined values: 
  <file php>
@@ -41,4 +44,8 @@
  <file php>
  $directory_truncate_value_after = 30;
+ Display the buttons to switch between users and groups:
+ <file php>
+ $directory_display_search_objects = true;
+ </file>

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