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Edit Summary: [Monitoring] adding 389DS cn=monitor check link
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    * [[documentation:nagios-plugins:check_ldap_slurpd_status]]: Monitor OpenLDAP's replication status (slurpd)
    * [[documentation:nagios-plugins:check_ldap_syncrepl_status]]: Monitor OpenLDAP's replication status (syncrepl)
    * [[documentation:nagios-plugins:check_ldap_query]]: Monitor any LDAP query (search)
    * [[documentation:nagios-plugins:check_ldap_monitor]]: Monitor OpenLDAP cn=monitor information
+   * [[documentation:nagios-plugins:check_ldap_monitor_389DS]]: Monitor 389DS cn=monitor information
    * [[documentation:nagios-plugins:check_berkeleydb_locks]]: Monitor BerkeleyDB locks
    * [[documentation:nagios-plugins:check_lmdb_usage]]: Monitor LMDB usage
  **Nagios event handlers**

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