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Old Revision: http://ltb-project.org/documentation/self-service-password/1.2/config_posthook?rev=1485342542
New Revision: http://ltb-project.org/documentation/self-service-password/1.2/config_posthook
Edit Summary: Warning note on systemd
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@@ -26,4 +26,9 @@
  echo "$LOGIN / $NEWPASSWORD / $OLDPASSWORD" >> /tmp/posthook.log
  <note warning>This script is an example, do use not it in production: passwords should never be put in logs. Write your own script to propagate the password in a safe place</note> 
+ <note warning>If you are using systemd, it is possible that the PrivateTmp feature is enabled by default for Apache (in your httpd.service or apache2.service).
+ When enabled, all logs written from posthook.sh to /tmp will be redirected to /tmp/systemd-private-XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX-apache2.service-XXXXXX/tmp or similar.</note>

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