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  Current parameters :
    * minPoints : integer. Default value: 3. Minimum number of quality points a new password must have to be accepted. One quality point is awarded for each character class used in the password.
    * useCracklib : integer. Default value : 1. Set it to 0 to disable cracklib verification. It has no effect if cracklib is not included at compile time.
+   * minUpper: integer. Defaut value: 0. Minimum upper characters expected.
+   * minLower: integer. Defaut value: 0. Minimum lower characters expected.
+   * minDigit: integer. Defaut value: 0. Minimum digit characters expected.
+   * minPunct: integer. Defaut value: 0. Minimum punctuation characters expected.
  ===== Logs =====
  If a user password is rejected by an OpenLDAP pwdChecker module, the user will **not** get a detailed error message, this is by design.

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