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    * Syntactic checks controls how many different character classes are used (lower, upper, digit and punctuation characters). The minimum number of classes is defined in a configuration file.
    * Passwords are checked against cracklib if cracklib is enabled at compile time. It can be disabled in configuration file.
  ===== INSTALLATION =====
- Use the provided Makefile to build the module.
- Compilation constants:
-   * CONFIG_FILE: Path to the configuration file. Defaults to /etc/openldap/check_password.conf
-   * DEBUG: If defined, check_password will syslog() its actions.
  Build dependencies:
    * cracklib header files (link with -lcrack). The Makefile does not look for cracklib; you may need to provide the paths manually.
    * OpenLDAP header files
- Install into the slapd server module path.  Change the installation
- path to match with the OpenLDAP module path in the Makefile.
- The module may be defined with slapd.conf parameter "modulepath".
+ Copy check_password.c and Makefile in OpenLDAP source directory and use the provided Makefile to build the module:
+ <code>
+ </code>
+ You can use those compilation parameters:
+   * CC: compiler (default: gcc)
+   * CC_FLAGS: compiler flags (default: -g -O2 -Wall -fpic)
+   * CONFIG_FILE: path to target configuration file (default: /etc/openldap/check_password.conf)
+   * CONFIG_OPT: compiler config option (default: -DCONFIG_FILE="\"$(CONFIG)\"")
+   * DEBUG_OPT: compiler debug option (default: -DDEBUG)
+   * CRACKLIB: path to cracklib dictionaries (default: /usr/share/cracklib/pw_dict)
+   * CRACKLIB_LIB: link to cracklib library (default: -lcrack)
+   * CRACKLIB_OPT: compiler cracklib option (default: -DHAVE_CRACKLIB -DCRACKLIB_DICTPATH="\"$(CRACKLIB)\"")
+   * LDAP_INC: OpenLDAP includes (default: -I/usr/include/openldap/include -I/usr/include/openldap/servers/slapd)
+   * LDAP_LIB: link to OpenLDAP libraries (default: -lldap_r -llber)
+   * LIBDIR: target installation directory (default: /usr/lib/openldap/)
+ Compilation command example:
+ <code>
+ $ make CONFIG="/usr/local/openldap/etc/openldap/check_password.conf" LDAP_INC="-I./include/ -I./servers/slapd/" CRACKLIB_OPT='' CRACKLIB_LIB=''
+ </code>
+ Install into the slapd server module path:
+ <code>
+ make install LIBDIR='/usr/local/openldap/lib'
+ </code>
+ The module path may be defined with slapd.conf parameter "modulepath".
  ===== USAGE =====
  To use this module you need to add objectClass pwdPolicyChecker with an 

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